Cafe Menu


Full Vegan Breakfast £12.50

Vegan sausages, baked beans, roasted tomatoes, sautéed carrot&onion , roasted potato, smashed avocado, organic sourdough

Homemade Granola £6.50
with non-dairy yoghurt, fresh fruits, almond flakes and mixed seeds

Organic Porridge £6.50
with oat milk, fresh fruits, mixed seeds, walnut, honey or molasses sauce

Avocado on Toast £7.80
VE feta cheese, chopped tomatoes, red onion, cucumber and seeds on organic sourdough

Red Pepper Hummus on Toast £8.20
Sliced avocado and mixed seeds on organic sourdough

VE New-york Deli Sandwich £6.90
Plant-based cheese, ve pastrami, mustard, pickle, fermented cabbage, served with crisps

VE Sausage Sandwich £6.90
PB Sausage, roasted red pepper, onion & carrot , aioli, lettuce, served with crisps

VE Ham & Cheese Sandwich 6.50



Mixed Salad Bowl £8.90

VE Falafel Wrap £9.20
Homemade salsa sauce, hummus, lettuce, red onion, red pepper, aioli

VE Fish Fingers Wrap £8.90
Homemade tartare sauce, lettuce, red pepper, red onion

VE Roasted Veggie Wrap £8.10
Roasted vegetables, hummus, sliced avocado, vegan cheese

VE Fajita Wrap £9.70
Roasted cauliflower, mixed peppers, homemade salsa, aioli, guacamole, kidney beans