Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

We do not run our own laboratory. Our teas are examined, for example,  the independent laboratory PMA Sindelfingen GmbH which is certified according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.The analysis uses only the latest analysis technology and coupling methods which can detect even the smallest quantities of the currently 558 analysed active substances, Our teas tested and evaluated according to the latest version of the European Maximum Residue Level Directive (MRL). We only process teas and other raw materials which meet the requirements for safe foodstuff.


Natural Flavourings are individual substances with aromatic properties derived from natural raw materials, plants or animals. These include, for example fruits, spices, roasted coffee etc. Only physical, enzymatic and microbiological processes such as pressing, distilling or fermentation may used in the production of natural aromas.

The chemical structure of flavourings correspond to %100 of the natural aromas in terms of their chemical structure. The differences to natural aromas are  that aromas identical to natural ones are produced using a chemical process such as esterification or acetylation instead of being derived from natural raw materials. This makes it possible to produce a wide range of aromas that are identical to natural ones yet at lower production cost compared to natural aromas.

Artificial flavourings have aromatic properties but are not found in nature. In the country, only about 15 artificial flavours are permitted for use in food which may be used only in certain foods. Because of their low cost- effectiveness, artificial flavours play a very minor role in the food industry. Our teas contain NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURS!